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Movie Quiz: Impossible to recognize these 11 movies!

Last Wednesday saw the return to the big screen of director John Krasinski, who after six years shocked us with his post-apocalyptic world filled with bloodthirsty monsters without a voice, today offers us a much less disturbing world with Blue & Company.

Starring Ryan Reynolds (and another one you haven’t seen!), the film tells the much more family-friendly story of Bea, a young girl who one day discovers she can see everyone’s imaginary friends. Then begins a magical adventure to reconnect each child with their forgotten imaginary friend.

And among all these fantastic creatures, each more daring than the last, we will be able to meet, among others, a unicorn, a marshmallow, a flower and the main animated character, Blue, a big purple plush toy played by Steve Carell in the original version and José García in the French version.

Two years ago we offered you a quiz about these characters, actually blue, seen on the big screen. A quiz that began with the image of Sadness, one of the main characters of Vice Versa next to Joey, two cute creatures that we will find very soon in the continuation of the adventures of little Riley, who has become a teenager, accompanied by the emotions of the news. .

We also met one of the most powerful pop culture characters of recent decades, Dr. Manhattan from the Watchmen universe, a being with special powers who can control matter at the boundaries of the universe. We won’t spoil the rest of the quiz if you ever want to try your luck with the other seven characters to identify.

But it is not only the characters that can be blue in the cinema: decorations, lights, objects, blue hair were also able to mark certain movie scenes. Evidence to identify with this quiz’s eleven pictures!

Source: Allocine

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