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Sirens’ song on France 3: Did you know that a former star academy student starred in a TV movie?

This Saturday, May 18, France 3 broadcasts The Song of the Sirens, the second part of the Les Secrets du Finistère saga, hosted by Evelyn Bux and Jeremy Banster.

A new investigation for Jeremy and Morgan

Several years have passed in this new thriller. Morgan Le Dantec has since returned to civilian life and now teaches Celtic myths and legends at a university.

When the lifeless body of a woman dressed as a mermaid is found on the beach, Jérémy Laubier calls on his former colleague to solve the investigation.

If Jeremy is clearly trying to rationalize his research, he still has to deal with his colleague’s intuitions to solve this new mystery.

In the credits for this new mystical adventure, viewers will find Evelyn Book, Jeremy Banster, Antoine Chappe, Carina Marimont, Wendy Nieto, Celine Witcock and even Jan Sundberg. But did you know that a former Star Academy student was also cast in this TV movie?

Former student of Star Academy in casting

In the shoes of Romuald, the gendarme of Jérémy Laubie’s team, we find Patxi Garat. And if her face tells you anything, that’s okay, because she was one of the candidates for the third season of Star Academy.

It was in August 2003 that the latter made his debut at the famous castle in Dammarie-les-lys, before being eliminated in the semi-finals against Michal a few weeks later.

Patxi Garat, now 42, never left the artistic world. Indeed, since 2003, the latter has released three albums and written many songs for artists such as Louane, Olympe and Jean-Baptiste Maunier.

But Patxi Garat flourished not only in music. The artist also took a place in comedy. After playing in plays, Patxi Garat joined the cast of the TV movie Secrets of Finistère.

Tonight the audience will find it in the second part called Le Chant des Sirènes.

Source: Allocine

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