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The sequel to Marvel’s best series is coming to Disney+ in September, and we need to know more about the fate of this Avenger we love.

In 2021, Disney+ released the first Marvel series. Since then, WandaVision has been the best on the superhero side of the platform (rated 4 out of 5 on AlloCiné). The tragic story of Wanda, who recently lost the love of her life, had a big impact on the MCU, especially for Doctor Strange 2 and The Marvels, for whom it allowed to introduce a new key character: Monica Rambo (Teyonah Parris). ).

But there is one character whose popularity we could never have imagined before the launch of WandaVision, and that is the character of Agnes. The latter turned out to be a powerful sorcerer and the main enemy of our beloved avenger. Kathryn Hahn’s flawless interpretation and revelation (as well as the buzz) surrounding the song “It was Agatha All Along” led Marvel to offer her a dedicated series.

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After months (years?) of waiting, Disney+ subscribers will be able to discover the first two episodes of his series. Next September 18. We’ll still have to wait for Marvel to reveal the first trailer, but House of Ideas revealed the final title during Upfronts last week (because yes, it’s changed 4 times since the project was announced). Therefore, it will logically be called Agatha All Along.

Catherine Hahn will return to work, as will Emma Caulfield (Dottie Jones) and Debra Jo Rupp (Mrs. Hart). Which gives us to say that the action will begin in the fictional town of Westview. We will most likely see how Agatha managed to escape Wanda’s spell that erased her memories and turned her into a mere tenant.

Agatha All Along welcomes new faces including Patti LuPone (Lilia Calderu), Aubrey Plaza and Joe Locke. If Marvel keeps up the hype surrounding his character, according to the latest rumors, he should be played by William “Billy” Kaplan, namely the superhero Wiccan. The latter is none other than Wanda’s son…

However, according to some internet users, the Scarlet Witch is dead in this new series, even if anything is possible in the Marvel Universe. When asked some time ago, Elizabeth Olsen stepped in, leaving the door open for a possible return to Agatha All Along. Wanda hasn’t been around since Doctor Strange 2, where she was buried under his temple after the Darkhold was destroyed.

But if the Scarlet Witch is no more, nothing tells us that Wanda no longer exists in the world. With the alleged presence of his son in his spin-off, there is always a connection to be made…

Source: Allocine

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