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Grey’s Anatomy: Will we see Ellen Pompeo on the series again?

Grey’s Anatomy: Will we see Ellen Pompeo on the series again?

Ellen Pompeo seems to be having a hard time saying goodbye to Meredith Grey… In August 2020, after 19 years of good and loyal service, the actress actually announced that she wants to move on from the set of Grey’s Anatomy to let go. New projects.

And since then, even if he is no longer in the cast of the medical series, his absence is hardly felt. Meredith Gray continues to record and perform in the hallways of Gray Sloan Memorial among her many performances. and according to the information DeadlineHe is not going to stop.

Meredith Gray returns for season 21

The actor, who is soon to star in the series Orphan, will definitely be back for season 21 of Grey’s Anatomy. A source told our colleagues that he will appear in at least 7 of the 18 episodes planned by ABC. A number that is likely to grow.

Note that according to Deadline, many veterans of the medical series have agreed to reduce the number of episodes they appear in in order to reduce production costs.

At this rate, Ellen Pompeo will be featured on Grey’s Anatomy just as much as her former co-stars.

Is Meredith Gray really gone?

In Season 19 of Grey’s Anatomy, Meredith decided to leave Seattle to continue her late husband’s research into Alzheimer’s disease. The research led him to return many times to Gray Sloan Memorial, where he came to ask for help from his half-sister Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) and Teddy Altman (Kim Revere).

Ultimately, Ellen Pompeo appeared in no less than half of the 10 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy season 20, including significant appearances in the first and last episodes of the season.

Season 21 of Grey’s Anatomy will air next fall on ABC. The 20th season, which has yet to be released in France, will be released soon on TF1.

Source: Allocine

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