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Metallica donates $100,000 to help flood victims in Rio Grande do Sul

The American band has rallied in support of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, announcing an important donation to help the victims of the floods that have devastated the region

In an action of solidarity, the band Metallica announced, through its social networks, a contribution of 100,000 dollars to the victims of the Rio Grande do Sul floods. The donation will be made in collaboration with Direct Relief, a humanitarian organisation, and aims to mitigate the effects of the catastrophe which has affected around two million people.

Details of the catastrophe

A statement released by the band describes the severity of the situation: “Facing the worst floods in recent history, Rio Grande do Sul urgently needs support and help.”

The text attempts to put numbers on the situation, but these have already been surpassed by terrifying new statistics. According to Civil Protection data, released on Saturday morning (5/11), in Rio Grande do Sul there are almost two million people affected by the storms that hit the state in recent days, with 136 deaths confirmed so far, but there are still 141 missing. Of the 497 municipalities in Rio Grande do Sul, 444 suffered some consequences of the storms. At least 340,000 people are left homeless and 71,000 are in shelters.

On the other hand, 74 thousand people and 10 thousand animals were saved. The Civil Protection also announced that the personnel involved in the tragedy amounted to 27.5 thousand people, with 4,398 vehicles, 41 planes and 340 boats.

Community mobilization

The band Metallica, known for its philanthropic initiatives through the All Within My Hands foundation, has also launched an appeal to its fans to contribute. “The non-profit humanitarian organization is coordinating with the Pan American Health Organization to provide much-needed assistance,” the group said, encouraging its followers to get involved in the cause.

Source: Terra

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