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The 7 easiest rock songs to play on the guitar

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If you are looking for easy to play rock songs to enjoy World Rock Day, this is the place for you! Are you starting to play the guitar? The chords of the tracks we have selected can also be easy to play. However, if you really like rock, you will know that, in this genre, ease is not a question of […] The post The 7 Easiest Rock Songs to Play on Guitar first appeared on Cifra Club.

If you are looking for easy to play rock music to enjoy the world rock dayhere is your place!

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It is starting to play the guitar? The chords of the tracks we have selected can also be easy to play. However, if you really like rock, you will know that ease is not a question of technique in this genre.

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What matters is the energy, the footprint, the sensation! Therefore, in addition to training harmony and rhythm, follow the tips we will give you to embody the rock’n’roll spirit correctly! Who said beginner musicians have to play alone? Happy birthday?

In this world rock daywe separated the rocks from various eras for you to learn these easy rock songs today.

Learn to play the simplest rock songs

Before moving on to the songs, let’s recap a concept: easy to play music and simplified chords are different situations! Look carefully:

  • Easy to play music is the one that has the cipher facilitated by nature, that is when a song has few chords or less complex chords;
  • The simplified cipher is when there are certain solutions and changes – in chord formation, for example – that make your life easier when you play a certain song.

Now that we’ve cleared this up, take a look at the classics we’ve prepared for your repertoire:

  • The passenger
  • Last kiss
  • satisfaction
  • flooded
  • American idiot
  • Days of struggle days of glory
  • radioactive

Has National Rockgrunge, 60’s And 2000s in figures perfect for guitar beginners. The idea of ​​this post is to broaden your repertoire, your knowledge of six strings and rock. Tune your instrument, prepare your vocals and enjoy each song.

The passenger – Initial capital

For the last few generations, the interpretation of The passenger registered in Acoustic MTV is the best known. But today we go with the original version, released by Capital Initial in 1991.

The track features chords without bars and a blow more rock. Speaking of chords, there are only four: In, C., G. And D., being two beats in each of them. In the first three chords, the rhythm is very straight, marking time. However, pay attention to the slightly more broken and faster rhythm in the last chord, the D..

Last kiss – Pearl Jam

The Pearl Jam hit also contains only four chords: G., In, C. And D.. Last kiss has a rhythm that defines every rock ballad. You can enumerate dozens of classics that have this summary of nearly eight decades of style.

On the guitar, an attack on the chord in time 1 and a light fingering in tempos 2, 3 and 4. As the harmonic sequence repeats itself all the time, focus on the dynamics to bring out the highlight of the song: the singing, so melodic and soulful.

satisfaction – The rolling stones

When you touch this riff, you will realize how timeless and influential it is. Especially if you are just starting to play the guitar, learn satisfaction It will give you a basic foundation. Furthermore groovein this classic Rolling Stones all the rock vibes you need.

The riff has 3 notes that can be played on the 5th string (A) of the guitar. They are: B major (B), C sharp major (C #) and D major (D).

It is also possible to open the B note by playing along the low E string (6th string, mizone); then play the note D along with the A (6th string, 5th fret). This way you will play the riff and the bass at the same time!

The chords of the whole song are And, THE, E7. In this hymn, the movement is really worth it, after all the rolling stones do not create moss!

flooded – Fenders

or fingering this classic from Paralamas do Sucesso has the energy of post-punk and the swing of carimbó. You will explain it. After all, if there’s one thing Brazilians were born with, it’s rhythm!

Note that the fingering is performed in two different octaves, using chords THE, And And D.. First at the bottom, then at the top.

In the sung part, the same chords are made with a well swingsimilar to black music. flooded is an example of the “less is more” rule. This picture of Brazilian rock from the 80s is great for perfect your fingering!

American idiot – Green day

If 70s punk appreciated 3 chords, 90s punk added one more. American idiotby Green Day, has 4 chords: A5, G5, D5 And E5. Attention to the half step guitar tuning.

Note that the beat is basic and the drums are “straight”, with a riff walking along with the beat. That’s why it may sound easy, but setting the chord timing is essential to keep the groove. Also don’t forget the breaks to sing. Here simplicity is combined with good taste!

Days of struggle Glory days – Charlie Brown Jr.

A refrain that has become a life lesson deserves to be on this list! In Days of struggle Glory days we realize the genius of the crybaby. the agreements C7M, Am9 And In always repeat, but i melody and the vocal dynamics are so creative that the music never gets boring!

Pay attention to this: the fingering uses notes that are very close and without variations in tempo. Very easy and fun to train. It can be done with a pick or with your finger.

It will be quite interesting, since the original version is already on the guitar. It is worth mentioning that the tuning here is also half a step lower. Train and get ready for the peaceful moment of your show!

radioactive – Imagine Dragons

To complete our list of easy-to-play rock songs, one of the most important bands in contemporary rock, the Imagine Dragons. There is no escaping this amazing fingering from the start!

radioactive contains only four chords: love, C., G. And D.. To represent the blend of guitar delicacy with the impact of electronic rhythm, focus on dynamics.

It would be nice to increase the intensity in the chorus, perhaps even including a full beat through all the strings of the guitar. It will match “ooooo“of this hypnotic refrain! Sometimes, in order to carry a rock full of layers of arrangements on your guitar, you will have to invent. And this is a good chance to give it a try!

If after learning the easy rock songs on our list, you want to continue immersing yourself in this wonderful world of guitar, check out these tips. They are specialized content for those who are just starting to play the instrument!

Also, know the Club Academy Code! There you will find courses of various instruments, a team of excellent teachers and methods that will contribute to your musical evolution. Subscribe now!

We are counting on you to share these tips with your guitar friends. Do you know someone who is a fan of rock and starts with the six strings? Send him this stuff! The rock world thanks you!

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