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America’s Got Talent’s Heidi Klum explains disagreement with Simon Cowell over Golden Buzzer winner Lily Meola

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Competition is tougher than ever in season 17 of America has talent, and the qualifying round is almost over to decide which contestants still have a chance to win the $ 1 million show and Las Vegas. Every live show so far has brought home a gold buzzer winner, and the August 30 episode saw the return of singer Lily Meola, who performed excellently auditioning her. which changed Judge Heidi Klum’s mind . Meola closed the night with another original song and, after the broadcast, Klum shared that he disagreed with Judge Simon Cowell’s comments.

Simon Cowell is often critical of contestants who choose to audition original songs rather than covers, and covers can definitely blow up the roof of the building. Just last week, your gold lookalike Sara James delivered an interpretation of Elton John’s “Rocket Man” so dazzling I might need to rethink mine. ranking of the winners of the buzzer with the highest probability of success in season 17. In this case, Cowell praised Lily Meola for picking an original and said her new song, titled “Butterfly”, was “much better” than her audition song, and that’s what Heidi disputes. Klum.

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Heidi Klum spoke to Gossipify and other outlets right after the August 30 episode of America has talentand mentioned Simon Cowell’s comments when he started with his thoughts on Lily Meola singing original songs:

I think it is very important. That’s why before he started singing, he used to say that many people come and sing other people’s hit songs, but how awesome is it to make your own hit song? And I think I saw him with Chapel Hart. We saw it with Drake [Milligan]. He is brave. But I feel like I hit a home run then, how much more surprising would that be? I disagree with what Simon said when he said that his last song about him wasn’t as good as the song he did today, the song of the butterflies. I still love the first song he sang as much as the one he did today. I think you are a very, very good writer. I think she is super sophisticated in her voice and her writing.

Heidi Klum is certainly right that the original songs take the artists quite far. AG; two of the three voice actors who had already reached the grand finale sang original songs. deer chapel they released it, in their own words, “cheekier” for their second song while Drake Milligan superimposed on the success of the first original in the series with another shot of his. Lily Meola’s debut song, “Daydream”, was obviously good enough to earn the golden buzzer, and Klum disagrees with Simon Cowell that “Butterfly” is a step up from hearing him. .

Since Lily Meola was the last performer of the evening and the episode was live, the judges didn’t have much time to joke and debate after she finished her song, so Heidi Klum’s comments put her on. in the spotlight. I did not understand. to listen to at the end of the broadcast. While Sofia Vergara complimented Meola, Howie Mandel (who shared his thoughts on another contender who influenced the possibilities of ventriloquist Jack Williams ) thought maybe she hadn’t grown up enough to beat all the competition that night.

In case you missed it, take a look at Meola’s performance from “Butterfly” and decide for yourself:

Whether she or not AG the run is over is decided during the earnings episode Wednesday, Aug.31 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. Only one round KO left before America has talent is streaming the final and fans have not yet seen Sofia Vergara’s choice of the golden ring, so the Mayyas dance crew is still on the way. Wild card winner Jordan Conley will also have a second chance after winning the public vote .

new episodes of America has talent will continue to air Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC through mid-September. For shows returning in the fall after the summer holidays, be sure to check out ours Program of the first TV 2022 !

Source: Cinemablend

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