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1915 has a new album: “Out of Place”

1915 is the first. And not just any: the group sixty “Fuera de Lugar”, his fourth album and with which they expand their proposal of high voltage rock.

Always out of the comfort zone, 1915 breaks and presents record material with the vertigo and electricity of rock in its most primary state: live.

With the strength of their performances as creative fuel for this new album, the Zona Norte gang offers a totally different searchwithout layers or ornaments, where the sharp rock takes over.

“Rougher, more direct, more rocker”. Cruz Hunkeler’s definition of “Fuera de Lugar” is as powerful as it is effective, consisting of ten handcrafted, direct and powerful songs that reflect the spirit of the band.

From the first song, “Fuera de Lugar”, the group led by Cruz Hunkeler (guitar and vocals), “Penzo” (keyboards and synths), Jeremías Alegre (drums) and Alejo Freixas (bass) present a frantic tour at times, through an intimate moment, where the whole is more than the sum of its parts.

Source: Qmusica

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