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Miranda! and Bandalos Chinos prepare to celebrate “Christmas”

The doors will open on April 21 next year, with a big show at the Teatro Gran Rex. However, Miranda! I couldn’t say goodbye to 2022 without a new version of “Christmas”, accompanied by Bandalos Chinos.

With the arrival of Las Fiestas, the group led by Ale Sergi and Juliana Gattas decided to give a new chance to “Navidad”, the song that was originally part of “Sin Restrictions”, his second hit album, released in 2004.

And to make it even more attractive, they have decided to invite Bandalos Chinos, one of the new guests for “Hotel Miranda!”, the band’s new album.

Thus, this advance shows that the band’s project includes their most iconic hits and hidden gems from their repertoire.

“I composed Christmas precisely on the evening of December 24. It is a date that provokes different feelings in me, and I capture them in this song on the same evening. In this version, the sound of Cachorro López with the voice of Goyo are the elements just enough to give renewed energy to a song that, in itself, is very emotional,” Ale explained.

You still haven’t heard it?

Source: Qmusica

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