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Almost Everyone Skips This Important Makeup Step: The Simple Secret To An Expressive Look

Urgently take note of this tricky trick of makeup artists, which few people use – but in vain!

It seems like you do your makeup by all the rules, but it still doesn’t turn out as cool as professional makeup artists? You simply do not know all the secrets of the masters who can improve the simplest and most natural makeup every day.

We rarely forget to apply a concealer for a lifting effect or to add a good-looking effect to the face with an illuminator. However, there is one step that most women simply ignore, and it is this that is the key to an expressive and languorous look.

It is about filling the interstitial space. It is better to use persistent gel pencils for these purposes, which will not fade even on a long hot day. With a pencil, you need to carefully crawl into the gap between which the hairs grow. If during the process the color is imprinted on the mucous membrane, it does not matter – the excess will be easily removed with a cotton swab.

This is what the perfect arrows look like for the coming century: draw them in a few simple steps

It would seem such a small detail, but it is she who makes the makeup full and saturated even in its daytime version. Try it and you will immediately notice the difference!

Source: The Voice Mag

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