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Hey, beautyholics: find out which beauty trend drove everyone crazy the year you were born

We offer you a selection of fun tests: read our material and find out which beauty trend was at the height of fashion in the year of your birth. Let’s start with the 1980s, a decade when makeup experimentation abounded.

1980: curls

The disco era cannot be imagined without voluminous hairstyles – and afro curls, like Donna Summer’s, came to the fore.

1981: black eyeliner

Everyone loved bright eye makeup, and thick eyeliner, like Iman’s, was in favor with fashionistas.

1982: pink blush


In the early 80s, there wasn’t too much blushing. Therefore, Debbie Harry’s blush extends from the cheeks to the cheekbones and even the temples.

1983: purple lips

Your “beauty godmother” is Madonna, who was thrilled with the muted purple hue.

1984: bushy eyebrows

Brooke Shields’ naturally thick brows have inspired women to ditch tweezers.

1985: neutral lips

As you can see, trends were already fleeting. Once, and everyone forgot purple. A bright, neutral lip color like Vanessa Williams was the perfect shade.

1986: color block

Recently, we often hear this term in connection with clothes, and in the 1980s we boldly combined different bright colors in makeup. The real ambassador of this makeup was Cyndi Lauper. Mix yellow eyeshadow, bluish green eyeliner and bright red lipstick? Easily!

1987: brick red lips

In the late 80s, brick red was the only red that mattered. And Molly Ringwald has understood the trends.

1988: blue eyeliner

Princess Diana’s beauty experience has inspired all women – if the royal persona dared to make her eyes blue, then now is the time for us!

1989: brown lips

As the 90s approached, bold disco colors once again gave way to more natural colors. At the top was a brown shade of lipstick, like Kim Fields in this photo.

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Source: The Voice Mag

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