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Watermelon manicure: 10 options for the current summer design – choose yours!

Glazed donut has been popular for several seasons – it paved the way for other “edible” nail art. One of them is watermelon nails.

Remember the main rule of our secret club of freshness lovers: a watermelon is not necessarily its image. The color combination – red and green – is important.

As you can imagine, this allows nail artists to come up with hundreds of designs – we’ve selected 10 to inspire you.

under the aura

Don’t like straightness? Watermelon nails can be done like an aura manicure by reducing the color intensity.

two colors


This option is suitable for those who prefer minimalism – sometimes, in order to be in the spotlight, it is enough to use two varnishes.

watermelon print

Real fruit fans will love this design – just paint the watermelon skin on your nails!

watermelon jacket

French manicure goes well with the new trend – just add two bright accents to the classic jacket.

frosted watermelon

A slice of watermelon with water drops, painted on one nail, will go well with a matte finish on the rest of the fingers.


Watermelon looks great on a white background, especially when depicted on the nails with light, confident strokes.

red accent

Do you like to draw attention to yourself? Then you will definitely love the red version of watermelon nails!

pink ombre

A sweet summer option for those who love pink: the ombre looks great with a watermelon design on two nails.

Not only watermelon

Who said you had to limit yourself to one fruit?

black watermelon nails

Red and green go perfectly with black – look how chic this watermelon manicure is!

Source: The Voice Mag

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