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Perfumes with scents of purity

Purity Base Scent is a versatile choice for all seasons and events, and a surefire way to leave a pleasant aromatic impression on yourself. In which perfumes should you look for notes that create such an effect? We offer several options.

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Replica Maison Margiela

A serene unisex scent reminiscent of the imported soap bars Mom used to line linens in the dresser for some, and the simple yet pleasant pairings of swimming in fluffy lather at the end of a tough week at work. In the pyramid – coconut, lavender, powder, musk and a drop of vanilla. Does not distract attention, but brightens up and adds to the image of well-groomed.

Verduu-Hien Le No 1


By order of the perfume house Verduu, the perfume genius of our time, Mark Buxton, created fragrances for four young designers. One of them was Hien Le, a child prodigy from Berlin Kreuzberg. Unfortunately, it no longer releases new clothing collections, but the fresh, clean scent of its name with a citrus primer and woody-menthol accords is still relevant.

Clean Classic – Warm cotton

to do the housework. as the name of the brand suggests, they explore fragrances of purity in all their diversity. They have “Foam”, “Fresh Shower” and “Just Soap”, but now I want to remember “Warm Cotton” – a scent that recreates the smell of laundry washed with expensive powder and heated with an iron . Citrus, green, white floral and powdery notes are responsible for the effect, with a slight refreshing marine undertone.

Ostrikov Beauty Publishing β€” Laundry

This is not a perfume in the usual sense, but an aromatic spray – the concentration of fragrant things is lower, but the volume is 250 ml. Enough for yourself and for irrigating pillowcases with towels! The Russian beauty brand’s laundry room was created by Swiss perfumer Arnaud Bozon, who was inspired by the New York idea of ​​the scent of cleanliness. We hear a green apple, mint, mellow musk, lily of the valley… We don’t know what from New York, but it really smells of laundry brought back from the cold.


Cleanliness of the bath, French soap, grandmother’s balcony with freshly washed laundry and geraniums… What associations this fragrance has not received with aldehydes, violets, pink pepper and neroli oil from Africa! Well, the name, translated from French as “White”, as if preparing for some kind of turn.

Etro Musk

“Legolas washing powder” – such a playful name was invented for this fragrance with the aroma of purity by fans. It opens with notes of verbena and bitter bergamot, opening to a white rose of “dry” sandalwood that merges into a musky base. Quiet, but beautiful and status – and, above all, suitable for men and women.

Creed-Silver Mountain Water

Our unusual pet! Olivier Creed created it in collaboration with Pierre Bourdon, on a mission to recreate the fragrance… from a distant peak with crystalline freshness. Bergamot, green tea, blackcurrant, galbanum and, of course, musk have been called upon to solve the problem. The opening of the perfume is highly dependent on the chemistry of the skin, so we do not recommend that you buy it without first testing. But if you’re lucky, you’ll enjoy the intoxicating coolness of an icy mountain spring surrounded by blooming spring shrubs.

Source: The Voice Mag

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