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VOICE’s pick: 10 new beauty products for June – from lightweight makeup to rejuvenating intimate gel

Summer should start well. And first of all – from the renewal of cosmetic stocks 😉 We have collected the most interesting beauty novelties of June, which will be useful on the beach, for long summer walks, as well as for home beauty care in the hall of bath.

Summer has officially arrived! We hope you’ve already managed to hide the hot stuff – and at the same time think about changing up your beauty routine. We present to your attention cosmetics specially created for the warm season. Light textures, SPF filters, active against greasy reflections and other imperfections… You will find everything you need here!

Photo Reverse sunscreen stick, Institut Esthederm – for those with pigmentation

Sun stick

Solar stick, 5752 rubles.

at the store

For owners of skin prone to pigmentation, the summer season is especially stressful: because of the fear that there will be even more spots. It is precisely to solve this problem that the experts at the Institut Esthederm have developed a protective stick with the maximum degree of SPF protection. The compact size and the pleasant texture with a moisturizing effect allow the product to be used at any time: the stick slips into the smallest handbag. At the same time, it not only protects delicate skin, but also works to reduce pigmentation – even when under the active rays of the sun.


Ice gel primer Royal Caviar, Natura Siberica – a luxurious novelty

Ice gel primer for the anti-aging face, Natura Siberica

Ice gel-primer for the anti-aging face, Natura Siberica, 3600 rubles.

at the store

Natura Siberica surprises again with novelties. The brand has created a line of high-end cosmetics – with a formula based on northern black caviar, enriched with extracts of Siberian plants and a peptide complex that increases the synthesis of collagen and hyaluron in the skin tissues .

The luxurious anti-aging collection includes 11 products for basic and complementary care.

In summer, you should definitely pay attention to the line’s ice bait. It can be used not only before applying cosmetics, but also instead of anti-aging cream or foundation. The gel primer instantly evens skin tone, reduces the appearance of fine lines and blemishes, and adds subtle radiance while improving skin quality and strengthening skin’s internal structure.

Payot hair and scalp shampoo – for fans of the brand

Payot Shampoo

Payot shampoo, 2640 rubles.

at the store

The famous cosmetics brand Payot has launched the first line of hair care products. The collection includes basic products – shampoo, conditioner, as well as solid shampoo, convenient to take on your summer trips. The line is suitable for all types of hair care, as well as frequent washing: due to the abundance of natural extracts in the composition, as well as micelles, which help gently cleanse and protect the scalp.

Oil head Dandruff Relief, Apivita – for those who suffer from dandruff

Apivita scalp oil

Apivita scalp oil, 1581 rubles.

at the store

In summer, dandruff, itching and increased oiliness of the scalp cause more discomfort than in other seasons. Apivita healing mixture will help solve the problem. A product with lavender, propolis, tea tree oil and other anti-inflammatory ingredients instantly eliminates discomfort, hydrates the scalp and reduces the number of dry and oily flakes of dandruff – and in same time prevents their reappearance.

Fix’ Make-Up, Clarins

Summer In Rose make-up fixing spray, Clarins

Spray to fix makeup Summer In Rose, Clarins, 2600 RUB.

at the store

This summer, Clarins presents a limited edition collection of make-up products inspired by the rose of the Alps. Formulas, prints, fragrances – the pink atmosphere can be felt in every detail!

A special pleasure gives a fixing spray with a delicate floral aroma. It prolongs the durability of cosmetics and improves the condition of the skin – thanks to natural ingredients with a moisturizing and soothing effect.

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Gloss Le Hippie Chik, Vivienne Sabo – for nude lovers

Vivienne Sabo Glitter Lip Gloss

Vivienne Sabo glossy lip gloss, 410 rubles.

at the store

And here is another “limit” – a new makeup collection from Vivienne Sabo. Behind the bright floral envelopes hide light shades – for a light make-up, ideal for hot summer days. We’re sure many will love nude lip glosses with a sheer base. Use it alone to enhance the natural beauty of lips or wear it over lipstick for a colorful glow and a volumizing effect.

Gel for the rejuvenation of the intimate area Nanocare Intimate, Sesderma – for connoisseurs of beauty innovations

Sesderma rejuvenating intimate gel

Sesderma rejuvenating intimate gel, 4210 rubles.

at the store

Age, hormonal changes, constant hair removal affect the appearance of the intimate zone. As a result, many women feel discomfort, and sometimes complexes.

To tidy up the bikini area, eliminate dryness, darkening and other features of the skin will help the innovative line of intimate care from Sesderma. For a more targeted effect on blemishes, you should try Nanocare Intimate Serum – with a complex based on mild acids, retinol and herbal extracts. The tool fights pigmentation, reduces bruising and inflammation.

In addition, whey helps restore healthy microflora and reduce discomfort – thanks to probiotics and prebiotics in the composition.

Mixit Salt Body Scrub-Balm with Coconut – for those who want to go on vacation

Scrub-Balm Spa Rituals, Mixit

Scrub-balm Spa Rituals, Mixit, 468 rubles.

at the store

In the summer, do not forget to use a body scrub more often – so that the skin renews itself more actively, remains soft and clean, and the tan is more even.

Well, if on top of that you want to forget about business for a while and feel the holiday mood, we warmly recommend you to try the new coconut scrub from Mixit. Salt and coconut flakes provide intensive exfoliation. At the same time, the scrub has a delicate balm-like texture – thanks to the complex of oils in the composition, intensively nourishing the skin throughout the procedure.

Black Serum “Clear Skin”, Garnier – for the summer fight against imperfections

Garnier Black Face Serum

Garnier black face serum, 679 rubles.

at the store

Enlarged pores, blackheads, oily reflections – in the summer, problems with the face are even more noticeable. At the same time, the skin needs gentle care and not all active ingredients are approved – after all, the effect of UV radiation should not be forgotten!

Inspired by the latest beauty trends, Garnier experts have created a black serum for universal summer care. Formulated with purifying charcoal, salicylic acid, lactic acid and soothing niacinamide. The serum gently fights inflammation, reduces the appearance of redness and also hydrates the skin, revealing its healthy glow.

Aroma diffuser 01, Bon Parfumeur Paris — for a summer atmosphere

Diffuser Bon Parfumeur Paris

Bon Parfumeur Paris diffuser, 6600 rubles.

at the store

In summer, you want to feel the freshness and aromas of nature 24/7. Especially if due to work there is no possibility of spending a lot of time on the street. The new collection of Bon Parfumeur Paris diffusers will help you mentally transport yourself to a country walk: imagine groves of orange trees and eucalyptus, flowing smoothly into a fragrant bouquet of mint leaves, figs and basil. Or maybe you prefer the “native” combination of wormwood, birch and black tea? Choose your summer scent and fill your home with it.

Source: The Voice Mag

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