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Drainage drinks for harmony – a new star beauty trend

The stars revealed the secret: getting ready to go on the red carpet, they drink a drainage drink 1. It removes excess fluid, eliminates puffiness and allows you to wear an outfit of the desired size. However, you can use this drink not only for special occasions, but also before going to the beach. Today, such a unique drainage drink is available not only in pharmacies in Europe and the USA, but also in Russia.

Come out dry from water

It is almost impossible to independently assess how much water we have without a bioimpedance procedure. Perhaps, only by the number on the scales you can understand when excess water leaves the body.

But excess water not only gives an increase in weight, sometimes several kilograms, but also significantly slows down the metabolism. In such a situation, it is no longer surprising that the diet does not work, and the effect of the treadmill is lower than expected.

A special drainage drink comes to the rescue. It will not only get rid of excess water and start the process of intensive fat burning, but also remove all toxins from the cells that lead to oxidative stress. From oxidative stress, the skin ages faster, becomes more prone to inflammation, and the hair loses its attractive shine and vitality. Active drainage due to the removal of water and fat-burning components will “dry out” the body, help remove traitorous ears on the hips and make the “orange peel” less noticeable.

Your drainage drink is ready!

Not everyone can afford expensive salon drainage procedures. In such a situation, a drainage drink can come to the rescue. It can be bought on marketplaces or pharmacies. The main thing is to choose a proven and really effective one.

Check out the proven drainage drink Turboslim Drainage from “Evalar” – an expert with 30 years of experience with natural remedies. The drug is a liquid drink concentrate, which is enough to dilute in water. What it consists of and how it works, Anna Baburina, director of dietary supplement development at Evalar, says:

Drink formula Turboslim Drainage unique3. It was created by a group of experts – developers, nutritionists and technologists. The preparation contains 8 plant extracts of pharmaceutical quality: cherry stalks, grape leaves, oats, senna, artichoke, guarana, fennel and green tea. Thanks to the liquid form of the preparation and the use of herbs in the form of extracts, the formula is absorbed faster.

The components are selected in such a way as to provide:

  • rapid 4 and effective removal of fluid, reduction of puffiness and excess volume 5
  • purgation 5
  • activation of the fat burning process 5
  • increased tone and energy 6

How to use?

Method 1. Dissolve two teaspoons of the concentrate in one liter of drinking water, and a drink with a delicious grape taste is ready. Take it throughout the day 5.

Method 2. Dissolve 2.5 ml (0.5 teaspoons) of the drug in 1 glass (250 ml) of drinking water and take 4 glasses a day 5.

The product does not contain sugar.

About what results you can achieve with a drink Turboslim Drainagesays the endocrinologist and nutritionist Olesya Soboleva:

Active ingredients remove excess fluid, helping to reduce weight, eliminate puffiness and acquire chiseled shapes. The silhouette will become clearer and tighter. Special components with lift-up7 effect” – extracts of guarana and green tea – will help tighten the skin of problem areas and smooth out the “orange peel”. And thanks to the active removal of toxins, you will feel lighter and feel more alert and energetic.6. In just 10 days! This is the optimal period to solve the problem of excess water with a drainage drink.

Go to linkto learn more about the benefits of Turboslim Drainage drink.

1 Electronic resource: https://www.novochag.ru/health/healthy_food/za-dva-dnya-na-dva-kilo-kak-zvezdy-hudeyut-pered-vazhnymi-meropriyatiyami/?ysclid=lhoo2yd9zq666903850 (date of access: 05/15/2023).

2 Report on the use of dietary supplements “Turboslim Drainage” in persons who control body weight. State Health Institution “Consulting and Diagnostic Center”, Biysk, 2008

3 In the assortment of CJSC “Evalar”.

4 The course of admission is 10 days, according to SoGR.

5 Confirmed by CoGR No. KZ.Е.002833.12.14 dated 05.12.2014

6 Due to the action of guarana and green tea extracts. Bittencourt L.S., Machado D.K., Machado M.M. and others. Protective effect of guarana (Paullinia cupana) extract on NIH-3T3 fibroblast cells exposed to sodium nitroprusside. Food and chemical toxicology. 2013; 53:119-25. Afonina S.N., Lebedeva E.N., Setko N.P. Biochemistry of tea components and features of its biological effect on the body (review). Orenburg Medical Bulletin, 2020; V(4): 17-33.

7 Lift-up – lift-up (lifting).


Source: Hellomagazine

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