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Mirror glazing: how to repeat a stylish autumn manicure in the style of Hailey Bieber

The nails of Justin Bieber’s beloved already deserve a separate account on social networks. The reasons are obvious: for some reason, every new star manicure immediately becomes a trend!

Hailey Bieber, alongside Jennifer Lopez, bears the proud title of pioneering hot nail trends. At first, her charming donut-shaped nails were a resounding success, after which all fashionistas on social networks, in a daze, began to repeat each of her new manicures following the model.

Recently, Hayley has been attracting attention again. Celebrity nail guru Zola Ganzorigt, who has been responsible for Bieber’s nails for many years, posted a photo of the model’s new manicure on her blog. The artist decorated the rapper’s wife’s long nails with a shimmering mirror-effect polish.

“Mirror glaze” is how Zola called Hayley’s new nail design, which Internet users from different parts of the world immediately wanted to repeat.


What distinguishes this manicure from the already familiar mirror nails is its translucence and delicate shine: the coating shines through the natural plate and gives a light, unobtrusive shine.

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Luckily, the nail guru made no secret of how she achieved such a magical effect. You can even repeat a stylish fall manicure that will look great with an office pantsuit and a cozy cardigan from your seasonal wardrobe. We’ll tell you how!

How to do mirror polish on nails: ​​​​


  • Apply a translucent varnish of natural shade with a light pink undertone to your nails in 2 layers;
  • then cover your nails with 1 layer of top coat;
  • mix white and silver rubs in 1:1 proportions;
  • Apply the scrub to each nail using an eyeshadow applicator;
  • The final touch: coat your nails with top coat again, that’s it!

Source: The Voice Mag

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