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Chai latte: this “expensive” J.Lo manicure will be trendy all fall

Let’s check out the star’s new manicure and head to the beauty salon for something similar!

Hollywood nail guru Tom Bachik has prepared a fall surprise for us in the form of a new trend. The other day he gave his favorite famous client Jennifer Lopez a new manicure, which all fashionistas on social networks immediately wanted to repeat.

The artist filed Jen’s long nails into a trendy “coffin” shape, then covered them in a dusty gray color that matches fall trends.

“Chai latte” is what the star nail guru called JLo’s new trendy manicure in “rich” neutral colors.

To obtain such a complex shade, Tom mixed 2 different varnishes: silver gray and stone with a lilac shade.


This mix of colors made Lopez’s nails look like they had been dipped in a creamy, spicy chai latte. The finishing touch was a high gloss top coat, which only added to the expensive effect.

Do you like JLo’s new manicure?

Yes, it looks very stylish!

No, it’s too boring for me

Source: The Voice Mag

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