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3 golden makeup rules for the coming century: with them you will be transformed in an instant

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An overhanging eyelid is not a problem if you can emphasize this appearance feature with the help of competent makeup. Memorize 3 simple beauty tips from makeup artists that will help open your eyes.

The lowered upper eyelid is a feature that must be taken into account when creating day and evening makeup. Many classic techniques do not work in this case: here we are faced with a difficult task – to open the eye as much as possible and make the gaze deeper.

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There are many ways to achieve this effect, but they are not so easy to master for amateurs, and not for makeup professionals. However, it will certainly not be difficult for you to follow these 3 golden rules of makeup for the coming century.

Darken fixed eyelid

This technique visually lifts the eyelid and opens the eyes. The shade of shadows for correction, choose a few tones darker than your skin. Apply the color where under normal conditions there should be a crease, and remember to blend the edges well with a brush.

Apply shimmering shadows above the crease

The pearly shadows enlarge the look thanks to the play of shine. However, it is very important to place the highlights exactly in the middle of the mobile eyelid and just above the crease itself – this is how we visually lift it. With open eyes, the shadows will be almost invisible, but they will still look mysterious and shimmer beautifully when blinking.

Use waterproof mascara

With such a peculiar structure of the eye, the eyelashes often come into contact with the upper eyelid and leave imprints of mascara there. To keep your makeup looking neat, use mascaras with a waterproof formula that won’t create an extra “dirt” feeling on your eyes.

Source: The Voice Mag

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