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Expectations vs reality: Girls showed how a visit to a nail salon in Europe ended

“But we make rockets and blocked the Yenisei, and also in the field of ballet we are ahead of others!” We tried for a very long time to figure out how to add the achievements of the Russian manicure school to the story of the technologist Petukhov, but nothing came of it – alas, we are not friends with rhyme.

Nevertheless, it is a well-known fact: Russian nail masters abroad are in great demand. No wonder: look at what local specialists sometimes charge in European beauty salons!

pink coffins

Maisie Jane loved the long, almond-shaped nails she saw on social media: three of them were bright pink, two were covered in tiny neon flowers. The master promised to repeat the manicure, and as a result Maisie became the owner of pink “coffins” and a twisted twig.

terrible french

Atanasia Kutis asked the manicurist to do a glamorous French manicure – something very beautiful and elegant. But when the girl looked at her nails, she was horrified – maybe it’s hard to find something messier. Nevertheless, Kutis did not argue with the master – she just paid and left the salon.

green nails

TikTok user @kelskristinee didn’t ask for anything fancy – she wanted a simple green cover no problem. She found a photo of nails on the web, the shape and color of which she liked, and showed it to the master. Alas, the result was nothing like a snapshot. Despite this, the nail designer refused to redo her work, saying she couldn’t see the difference.

wedding manicure

Chloe Clayton took her time choosing a manicure for one of the most important days of her life – her wedding. She opted for mid-length nails embellished with sequins and rhinestones. Seeing the result, ChloĆ© cried for a long time: the design did not resemble the one that had impressed her so much.

Bright diarrhea

TikTok user LaTisha Brost wanted a French manicure with a pink base and gold chrome tips. The results shocked the girl – when she got home she posted a video with her new manicure, signing it: “I wanted a sparkly jacket, but instead I got shiny diarrhea. “

Source: The Voice Mag

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