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This unusual habit of the first lady of France shocks even Emmanuel Macron – and it will surprise you

Politicians must be particularly careful to keep state secrets secret. France’s first lady, Brigitte Macron, has an amazing habit that helps her confuse anyone hoping to get information from her – even her own husband.

Brigitte Macron recently shared her secret in an interview. It turns out that the first lady of France diligently keeps a diary – every evening she writes in it at least a few sentences. But it’s no worse than state secrets. Brigitte won’t let anyone read it, not even her own husband! But this precaution from the first lady is not enough.

Brigitte talked about the radical system of “encrypting” recordings. Some of the pages it just destroys immediately.

“I don’t want anyone to find them. I don’t destroy everything, but a lot. My diary is like a puzzle, so it’s not easy to find,” Macron said.

It looks like the first lady has revisited spy sleuths. But now his secret is known to all. It’s time to find a new way to hide your secrets.

Source: The Voice Mag

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