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Jeans that the designer forbids to wear after 40 years: the opinion of a fashion expert

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At twenty, forty, and even sixty, there’s a favorite pair of jeans in every girl’s wardrobe. But stylists believe that there are jeans that women are forbidden to wear after a certain age (even if they like them very much). Discover a selection of models that can play tricks on us!

Trends change every year, and so do we. First you choose your own clothes for school, and after a while you are already gathering your own children for school. Time passes at an incredible speed, but there is no need to be afraid of it. Your age does not depend on the year of birth, but on the internal state and appearance. With the latter, we are just ready to help you! To look modern, you just need to exclude a few “unreliable” items from your wardrobe. On the advice of stylist Bet Jalali, we have gathered for you in this material all the “prohibited” denim models for women over forty.

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low rising trend

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20 years ago you went to college, maybe listened to Britney Spears and wore low rise jeans. Good time! The 2000s trend is back on the catwalks, but don’t give in to nostalgia just for the nostalgia’s sake. Such a model emphasizes all possible figure flaws and makes the silhouette heavier. Beth Jalali reminds subscribers of her Youtube videos not to take so many risks. Jeans with a medium and high cut will give confidence to girls after forty. They will look more elegant and visually tighten the figure.

Perfect pockets

The best way to ask for a compliment is to emphasize your figure. Therefore, when choosing denim, remember that miniature or, conversely, massive pockets on jeans will definitely not decorate you. Stylists often use this trick: the smaller the pocket, the bigger your butt. The rule also works in the opposite direction, so you need to find common ground, taking into account exactly your type of figure.

Your daughter’s jeans

Rhinestones, feathers, sequins – it’s all fun when choosing jeans for your child. But such childish spontaneity on parents seems absolutely inappropriate. Shiny beads and patches will definitely draw attention to “flaws”, so if you’re worried about super-shiny denim, you better not risk it. The stylist believes that such a thing will significantly weigh down the image, and it is almost impossible to fit it into an everyday wardrobe. It is better to replace such jeans with a more minimalist model.

Either jeans or leggings

Stretch jeans are comfortable on a daily basis thanks to their elastic material. But no comfort can justify the uselessness of this model. Like a second skin, it hugs the silhouette, not missing the opportunity to highlight the unevenness of the body. And in combination with heels, the image even looks vulgar. Such outfits are usually called “mistakes of youth”, so after forty such negligence, according to the expert, is not allowed. If you’re still drawn to skin-tight silhouettes, the stylist recommends buying some plain skin-tight leggings or straight-cut jeans. They won’t let you down!

Text: Daria Atamanova

A photo: newspaper producer

Source: The Voice Mag

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