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Discover the characteristics of the Sagittarius sign

Find out what the personalities of these natives are like and how they behave in love

Outgoing, cheerful, lively and positive, Sagittarius stands out everywhere. “They are great dream encouragers, those people you want to have around when you need energy and optimism. After all, just like the symbol of Sagittarius, which has the arrow pointing upwards, the natives of this sign always look beyond what that can be seen, in search of new horizons”, explains the astrologer Thaís Mariano.

Types of Sagittarius

Sagittarius people can be divided into two types: those who love the life of parties, travel and relaxation; and those who are focused on studies. Natives of the second type can easily pursue an academic career and become excellent researchers and teachers.

“These two archetypes can coexist in the same Sagittarius, but the tendency is for him to awaken to maturity and find the balance of these energies internally, then living his role as transmitter of wisdom with joy and enthusiasm, seeking the truth within himself and inspire this research in others”, explains Thaís Mariano.

Symbolism and messages of Sagittarius

The figure that symbolizes the sign of Sagittarius is the centaur: half human and half animal. As the astrologer reports, this image “represents man’s overcoming of his animalistic instinct, the development of mental capacity, as well as the possibility of acquiring and transmitting new knowledge.”

Furthermore, Thaís Mariano comments that the messages brought by the sign concern new paths, new adventures, growth, expansion and inner truths.

Characteristics that need development

Like the other signs of the zodiac, Sagittarius also has it characteristics that must develop. According to the astrologer, Sagittarius “tends to exaggerate a lot: with food, drinks, parties, travel and opinions”. Furthermore, they may think they are the holders of the truth and have difficulty delving into some issues.

They may lose track of reality

Optimism, which is a surprising characteristic of this sign, if excessive can damage the notion of reality. Therefore “Sagittarius people can invest a lot of energy in illusions and count on something that has not yet happened”, warns Thaís Mariano. Because of this excess, they may promise more than they can deliver.

Use escape mechanisms

Travel and the search for adventure, so characteristic of Sagittarius, can be an attempt to escape from oneself. Therefore, according to the astrologer, these natives must have the courage to deepen their self-knowledge. After all, only then can dissatisfaction be resolved.

Sagittarius is extremely sincere and has a strong personality.

Sagittarius woman

A Sagittarius She is an adventurous, free, happy woman with a strong personality. “Your beliefs are very important, but they are not fixed, they can change as you expand,” explains the astrologer.

Because she is direct and sincere, the Sagittarius native can sometimes hurt with a comment made in the heat of emotion or without thinking. However, “the Sagittarius woman’s intention is to help you free yourself from hypocrisy and make you understand who you are,” says Thaís Mariano.

Searching for freedom, connection and passion

According to the astrologer, due to the need for freedom and movement, Sagittarius women maintain a relationship only when there is a true connection with their life ideals and when their personal freedom is respected. Furthermore, with your exaggerated optimism, you always tend to wait for the person who will save you from a boring and monotonous life.

“Fire being her dominant element, she needs love and passion at all times. She is a woman in love with life and, therefore, dedicates her time and attention only to what awakens this passion in her”, adds Thaís Mariano.

Sagittarius man

OR Sagittarius man He is known for his great sense of humor and intellectual display. “Being in the company of a Sagittarius is a guarantee of good laughter and a good dose of irony. Apparently intellectual, he devours books and books on different topics and is always ready to give an opinion on anything”, says the astrologer. But this knowledge also remains in the field of superficiality.

lover of freedom

Sagittarius loves freedom and tends to distance himself from those who insist on controlling him. After all, this native is outgoing, exaggerated and prefers a bohemian life.

Furthermore, the Sagittarius man “does not like to be criticized and is always looking for adventures and passions of all kinds”, underlines Thaís Mariano. Despite this, he also greatly values ​​the intellectual side.

Sagittarius in love

Sagittarians tend to do this live love in a freer and non-standard way. “It is not uncommon to find those who choose not to marry or choose to have a family that is different from external conventions, but conforms to their ideals”, specifies the astrologer.

Intense and flexible

For Sagittarians, the personal and love sector must be experienced intensely, as they place a lot of passion and energy in it. “So, when the relationship falls into the monotony of routine, which is natural, it causes them great discomfort,” warns Thaís Mariano.

However, when these natives awaken self-knowledge and become aware of their condition, they can become flexible and bring new perspectives to the relationship. Despite all the self-confidence, Thaís Mariano says that Sagittarius likes to feel secure in a relationship, because in this way he can open up and build something concrete.

Source: Terra

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