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What is Maya Massafera’s new voice like? After the surgery for a higher and more feminine tone, the influencer remained ‘mute’ for more than 10 days

Voice feminization is a process used by some transgender people to acquire a more feminine tone of voice and this was one of the procedures Maya Massafera underwent. Without revealing what her new vocal tone will be, the influencer had to remain silent for more than 10 days after the surgery. Find out why!

From Maya Massafera showed your new identity to the world, many Internet users were curious to know the details of the gender transition process. In addition to aesthetic procedures and having to lose weight to have a more feminine bodythe influencer also underwent delicate vocal cord surgery to achieve a higher pitch.

Even when they appear on social media, Maya Massafera has not yet revealed her voice. According to information from the Leo Dias portal, the behind the scenes of this type of intervention are extremely delicate, to the point that the person must remain in absolute silence for days.

Maya Massafera underwent glottoplasty to ‘tune’ her voice

Maya Massafera underwent glottoplasty surgery, the most effective surgical technique to feminize the voice in trans women, making the voice higher pitched. The speaker procedure was performed under local anesthesia.

“A suspension laryngoscopy is performed and the vocal cord is observed. The purpose of this operation is to take the most anterior, “front” point of this vocal cord and scarify it, as if it were a bruise in the region, because the intention is to create a scar there,” he explained. Dr. Fernão BevilacquaOtolaryngologist at Alfa Instituto de Comunicação e Hearing, at the portal.

The next step taken by Maya Massafera was to connect the dots: “Doctors give two or three stitches in the region, depending on the patient, to ‘attach’ the front of one vocal cord to the other.”

The influencer remained silent for days

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