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How to make a bright neon manicure, as in the photos from social networks: this important stage is ignored by many masters

Neon nail polishes are especially popular during the summer season, when it comes time for vacations and bright beach outfits. However, some nail masters use these varnishes incorrectly, and the manicure is not as expressive as we would like.

For many girls, bright neon nails are one of the main beauty symbols of the coming summer. Neon looks great in a monochrome manicure. And no less cool in various nail designs: for example, in a colorful jacket, with a wavy design or in a geometric manicure.

Pleasures and a wide range of neon lights. You can find a shade for all tastes: from “barbie color” pink to lemon yellow and sky blue.

Nevertheless, neon varnishes have a greasy drawback: sometimes, due to insufficient pigmentation or unevenness of the nail plate, it lies unevenly, with noticeable bald spots. For this reason, you need to spend more time on a manicure and apply up to 4 layers of colored varnishes – due to which the coating is too thick and threatens to peel off.

However, it is not difficult to avoid such a problem: for this, the master should start the manicure by applying not the usual transparent base, but a nude or milky camouflage base. This will give a more even tone to the nails, hide any micro gaps and allow the neon to “pop” in full force.

Be sure to discuss this moment of manicure with the master: after all, some specialists rarely work with neon and are not aware of its “capricious” texture.

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Source: The Voice Mag

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