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-1 kg per night: this simple habit will help you lose weight while you sleep

Don’t forget about a quick and easy way to lose a few extra pounds.

You don’t improve day by day, but by… nights! Nutritionists say it is indeed possible. Plus, you only need minimal effort: simply replace your usual dinner with a magical cleansing dish, which will allow you to lose weight while you sleep.

Of course, we do not recommend getting addicted to such an operational method of weight loss on an ongoing basis. However, if you are faced with the task of losing a few extra pounds in just a week, this habit will become your salvation. Now remember the recipe for this slimming dish!

How to lose weight while you sleep – a recipe for a dinner replacement dish:

  • boil the beets and grate them on a fine grater;
  • add a little olive oil to the beets and mix everything well;
  • replace dinner with this dish and then drink a glass of lukewarm water;
  • In the morning, you will see the long-awaited result on the scale: a 1 kg plumb line!

Source: The Voice Mag

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