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Crab and bird: what ways to pose with a new manicure infuriate nail art masters

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Leaving the salon, you are sure that the manicure performed is yours and only yours. But the master also considers nail design his work of art, and therefore can be quite unhappy with the way you treat your nails.

Most of all, masters get frustrated when clients do not take care of their offspring – for example, they wash dishes or clean an apartment with household chemicals, but without gloves. But salon specialists have other reasons to be sad: for example, the selfies in which they are celebrated.

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Lucy Moss is an American manicurist. Recently, in a video on her TikTok page, she revealed the ways she and her co-stars hate posing to show off their nails.

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Lucy thinks that when a girl puts one hand on the other, both hands turn into a strange crab. In addition, some manicures, where the alternation of colors or patterns on the nails matter, look very unprofitable with such a “laying”, since the master’s idea is lost.

lioness tigress

Moss is also annoyed by the way the girls pretend they just have claws, spreading their bent and outstretched fingers. Lucy is sure it looks ridiculous, because there is no “wildness” and “danger” in well-groomed fingers.

Edward Scissorhands

The American craftswoman does not like the spread fingers of her outstretched hands – according to her, when she sees such an image, Edward Scissorhands immediately comes to mind.


“The bird” is similar to the “crab”, only the fingers are not intertwined, but overlap. This position of the hands diverts the attention from the drawing: the brushes, and not the nails, are at the center of the composition.

How to photograph a manicure?

Here are some tips to help you take the perfect nail selfie.

  • Do not strain your fingers, spread them apart, press your palm firmly to the table – all this will make the brush too tight, and veins or wrinkles may appear on the skin.
  • Never remove the nails from the side of the tip – this way they will take the shape of a trapezoid, turning into duck nails – a design that is now associated with bad taste.
  • No weird positions – relax your palm and fingers, hold them naturally. Does the pose always look artificial? Take something in your hand – a cup, an accessory or a flower.
  • Don’t try to repeat professional photos where the model covers her eyes or mouth with her fingers: it takes a lot of experience to make such photos spectacular, not funny.
  • Use daylight – nails look better underneath. But the flash will make the frame too yellow or too white.

Source: The Voice Mag

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